CSCC Night Race weekend Brands Hatch Circuit BMW E46 M3

The last race meeting for the CSCC saw a full weekend of racing. For Wil he was in 2 races in the BMW E46 M3 sharing with  Guy Ziser, Owner.

The car having had a complete rebuild due to an accident earlier in the year. Straight out to race in the Meteor Suspension Open Race. Wil  qualified it midfield considering it is 200kg overweight it was no mean feat. The race was started by Wil with Guy taking over in the second stint. Good finish 3rd in class and Guy getting a signature.

The race on Sunday was in The RSV Graphics New Millennium,

The race was started behind the safety car in single file on the pit straight due to detergent laid on track making it dangerous. Guy being a novice, ended up starting the race from the pitlane which meant already a lap down. A spin t druids meant the team were on the back foot. Wil took over at 25 mins of a 40 mins race and was able to get good lap times catching and passing several cars and going up the leader board. Wil heard a noise from he gearbox so decided to be cautious and reduced his speed to almost crawling to get a finish for Guy to obtain another signature. The aim for the weekend was achieved with a 4th in class and the two signatures.