Track Instruction

Are you a novice driver wanting to learn the basic principles of track driving, learn new circuits or simply how to drive your car faster?


If you are an experienced campaigner who has plateaued and ‘Can’t make the car go any quicker’

Then I can help.

In life we never stop learning. The best drivers tend to be the ones with the most experience, but more importantly the ones who work the hardest. When we start to take part in any sport there are qualified coaches who teach basic skills, help to improve technique and advance our skill set. Being a circuit driver is no different. Almost anyone can drive a car on the road, but to be in full control of a car on track requires a completely different set of skills.

I have been a member of the Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) since its conception and a fully qualified Grade A instructor. I offer a full range of services including:

  • Trackside coaching
  • In-car tuition

A typical day on track

  • Start the day with a general talk about your driving experience and what it is you would like to achieve from the day.
  • 3 or 4 sighting laps that you do in the car.  I can quickly determine your skill behind the wheel and highlight areas for improvement. Once this has been achieved, I can take you onto the next level so as to get the most out of your car on the track.
  • Usually after a 20 minute session on track, where you have the opportunity to familiarise yourself to the track, I will have been able to discuss with you the finer points of the circuit, specific bends and what improvements are needed.
  • Back on track for more time and to implement any improvements.
  • By the end of the day you will feel exhilarated by the experience and leave wanting more.

Coaching at a circuit near you

Wil is available to travel to race circuits across the UK and is based near the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, regularly conducting training at Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Castle Combe, Donington Park, Mallory Park, Oulton Park, Silverstone, Snetterton and Thruxton.

Further details on request.

Wil Arif driver instruction at Brands Hatch

Approved Instructor

MSA Recognised Instructor  Approved ARDS Instructor

Wil’s Wisdom

Wil Arif’s Top Ten Tips for circuit driving.

  1. Be comfortable at the wheel. Ensure you can reach the pedals in comfort and strap in as tightly as you can.
  2. Don’t hold the steering wheel with your arms out straight.  Arms bent with thumbs hooked over the spokes of the wheel gives you the best level of control and feedback.
  3. Remember that track driving requires a different technique to road driving. Don’t drive one handed and don’t feed the steering wheel through your hands.
  4. Concentrate 100% on your driving at all stages.
  5. Brake hard but progressively for the corners and don’t go in too fast.
  6. Learn to ‘read’ the circuit so that you drive in a series of straight lines between and through the corners.
  7. Minimise gear changing but ensure you are in the right gear for the next corner.
  8. Keep looking at the track ahead and not in your mirrors.  Watch for the marshall’s flags instead, and don’t deliberately hold up faster drivers.
  9. Don’t over drive, keep within the car’s capabilities.
  10. Keep your food intake to a minimum as it can make you sleepy – but drink plenty of water.
Wil Arif