Car Hire with ARDS Instructor

Wil uses an MX5 as his training car of choice for the novice driver as it is a rear wheel drive car with great balance and neutral handling characteristics. 

This helps the pupil learn the basics of circuit techniques at safe speeds with the concentration on BrakingSteeringCircuit Lines and Positioning.

Preparation for the ARDS will include -

  • Correct position in the car, Optimisation of steering, Braking technique, Gear changing and correct use of engine power.
  • Optimum circuit lines for the best results
  • Safety and awareness
  • Understanding and reaction to lights and flags and how they affect us and others

The pre-assessment is aimed at a result where the instructor would feel happy to race with the pupil.

The ARDS test can be taken at any circuit which is registered for this so Wil’s training is not limited to any single venue and is nationwide.

Wil Arif