JP1 Hot Laps at Brands Hatch Circuit


Hello Wil

My name is Pete Ferguson. I am the dad of Jack Ferguson. He is the young lad you drove around Brands this morning and he gave you his card for his website. I was only there originally as I had bought the thrill ride for my dad’s birthday which was in April. But I was lucky enough to be able to get a last minute spin for Jack as well.

I’m writing to say thank you for being such a top man about things. I want to also make sure you know that Jack can’t stop going on about how great a ride it was. I’m sure he’s going to drive everyone he knows crazy about it. Motor racing is the one thing that brings him out of himself, and seems to turn him into a much more sociable person. This seems to be the trigger for improvement with his Autism. So thank you so very much.

I have to say it’s great to see you still behind the wheel. I’ve seen you race many times, and my memories of you are of driver who gave every effort possible. So I feel very honoured to have actually met you now, and I know my dad and my son were in fast and safe hands.

Thank you!