CSCC Night Race in The Datsun 240z

This was going to be a little fun race to finish the day. The grid was decided on an arbitrary method of what fastest time was achieved in qualifying by the drivers (not taking into account track conditions), this put the car 12th on the grid with a very eclectic mix of modern and historic cars on the same grid.

Once again Wil started the race getting an electric start with him going up to 6th after paddock bend. His speed in the wonderful sounding Datsun saw him up to 3rd by the next lap. On lap 5 , coming in to take 2nd place he was hit in the side by a Renault Clio(!!)with such a thump that it broke the rear right suspension and then managed to add insult to injury by damaging the whole of the side of the car. End of a what could have been a very exciting and enjoyable race. What happened to NON-CONTACT!!!