Snetterton 300 12 October 2019 750 motor club

Wil was looking forward to driving the Honda CRX at the Snetterton 300 circuit. It was an outing that was really a test to see if the car had potential. Hoping for wet weather! It was dry so the car was out powered by almost all of the field. Qualifying was good with the car showing potential. Sharing the drive with owner of the car, Ken Allard it was decided that Ken would start the race.

A start line accident meant that a fellow competitor ploughed into the back of the car causing damage that saw the car pitting. The car was patched up but the loss of time meant they ended up at the tail end of the grid a lap down. Wil took over at the driver change and a stellar drive saw him catch the tail enders and finish 6th in class with a competitive lap time.