Cadwell Park Circuit 24 August 2019 Ford KA 6 hour race.

This was going to be the longest race ever run at Cadwell Park. Once again Wil was asked to take part. “Why not!” Was Wil’s response, “it will be fun “. Not many races can a driver get a 2 hour stint on a very technical and quick circuit like Cadwell.

Qualifying was good with an expected qualifying result position of 21. At the end of the first stint, the car started to cough and splutter so it was called in for fuel and as it was near the 2 hour mark change of driver. Wil took the 2nd stint getting up to a creditable 8th overall before having to come in for the final driver change. The owner of the KA Frank went on rack was lying 12th when h e went off the track having lost a wheel. The car was recovered and work commenced to get a new hub, wheel and tyre put on. The guys worked hard and got the car back on track. Due to the recovery we get docked 3 laps plus the time it took to get back on track put us down the field but still finishing a great 15 overall.

Wil enjoyed it so much that he is planning to race in The KA for the final race at Brands Hatch, the 500K into the night.