ARDS Test Coaching at Brands Hatch

Expert ARDS tuition with Wil Arif

Successfully completing an ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) test is the first step to gaining the competition licence required to complete as a racing driver. 

A driver training course is taken at an ARDS member school and these are at race circuits across the UK including Brands Hatch in Kent. Although Wil lives near to and has huge experience of racing and driver coaching at Brands Hatch he travels to circuits nationwide.

Wil offers pre-assessment and training in preparation for the ARDS test. This will include the correct driving position in the car, optimisation of steering, braking technique, gear changing and correct use of engine power. On the track, the optimum racing lines will be explained and you will be coached in circuit safety and awareness. Race procedure will be explained including lights and flag signals, their importance and meaning.

A training session with Wil could be part of a dedicated ARDS test/training day at Brands Hatch or training can be arranged privately on another occasion.

Please contact Wil Arif for more information and to make arrangements to meet at Brands Hatch.

Wil Arif driver instruction at Brands Hatch